Portacabins and converted shipping containers remain one of the best options for site accommodation especially in the Niger Delta area in Nigeria.

Many Oil and gas companies have realized this fact hence they easily patronize Revlyte for portacabins and converted containers. We are very happy to say that, Revlyte has always fabricated jobs beyond the expectations of her clients. Sometimes, some customers wonder if Revlyte portacabins are actually fabricated in Nigeria.

I still remember how one of Revlyte gym portacabin fabricate for an ocean liner was seized by the Nigeria customs on the ground that the product was imported and duties had not being paid. It took evidence of our fabrication to resolve the matter.

However, there are some companies that come for inspection of Revlyte products and based on the design or quality of the job on ground as at the time of arrival, they are not impressed. Sometimes, portacabins and containers cabins are sent to Revlyte for refurbishment but some clients begin to consider them as new jobs; hence they are not impressed.

Frankly, it takes the eye of an experience engineer to appreciate what Revlyte is able to produce for a customer when compared with the little cost they are able to pay. It is in our policy to ensure that customers are assisted and encourage.  As much as possible, Revlyte tries to meet the needs of her client based on the best they can pay for with mutual agreement on quality.



When a client comes to Revlyte for inspection of products, it is important to be educated with the following facts:

  1. Portacabins are not usually stocked as vehicles and electronic are displayed for sale. Usually, portacabins and converted containers are produced according to the design and finishing requested by a customer. This means that, products are not always available at her office site.(when many units are ordered, because of the  space required, the job is done at Oyigbo fabrication  site).
  2. Portacabins and converted containers are most times used at projects sites. Some companies prefer for their jobs to be done at their project location. After imported items are discharged from shipping containers, they are then converted to offices.
  3. The quality, alignment and beauty of finishing most times depend on the type and quality of containers Revlyte has to work with. When we are paid enough funds to buy the containers, the quality that the client is willing to pay for determines to a great extent how the final product would look like.


  1. Revlyte produces her portacabins from the base to the final product. Hence quality of work for portacabins totally depends on the expertise of Revlyte. The sizes and quality so desired by Revlyte customers can be achieved but  this is not possible with containers because the sizes of containers are fixed. Therefore, designs can only be done within the 40x8ft or 20x8ft dimension of the containers.

In the case of container conversion, Revelyte does not produce containers but buys from the open market and converts then to the design and finishing required by her clients. This means that, quality of containers use directly relates with quality of finishing.

  1. A fabrication company cannot produce at a loss beyond what a customer is willing to pay for. Therefore, to truly evaluate quality and finishing, when a client comes for inspection, they must be ready to compare finishing or quality with prices.
  2. The product available for inspection therefore, may not be the true basis for the evaluation of what a fabrication company can produce.
  3. We had a company once come for inspection, they did not sent any detail drawing neither were they ready to travel to sites where our quality jobs where installed. Unfortunately, we were converting a container for a client who demanded for the least quality of work by using an accident deformed container. The inspectors made conclusions based on the work they saw.
  4. Multinational companies always produce drawings and specify the quality of finishing required and then pay robustly for them.  This is the reason why their jobs are always fantastic. You cannot eat your cake and have it. An excellent finishing requires excellent payment. If a client truly needs a particular specification of portacabin or converted container, they should ask the fabrication done to such specification and then inspect it. It is wrong to inspect a security post made out of damaged container and used it to bench mark quality portacabin for a chief executive.


  1.   When clients come for inspection and meet such multinational jobs on going, they are very impressed. But when they meet a low quality job done for a customer who has explained and pleaded for help for the basic fabrication, the inspectors erroneously conclude that such quality is the best a company like Revlyte can produce.
  2. It is important to note that, using scrap containers or steel for construction would always reduce the quality of finishing. Export grade containers bring out the best of finishing. Machined panels gives the best for portacabins. But these excellent finishing translate into more cost. Would a fabrication company like Revlyte work with materials that a client is not willing to pay for?
  3. When a company comes for inspection, if there are no on going jobs in Portharcourt fabrication site, they should be willing to visit sites outside phc and or see the albums of previous works done.
  4. That a team of inspectors visited a company and met a job that is below quality is not enough to base their conclusions. Just like in marriage, if a wife cooks a particular soup that was not tasty, it would be unfair to write her off. It is only logical to find out; with how much was she given to cook the soup? What quality can such funds make of such soup? Sometimes, knowing how much could turn the blames into praise.
  5. When a company comes to a fabrication yard and inspects an ongoing job for Shell, Chevron, Agip, LNG, Total or Oando and are encouraged by the quality of work and there after visits another fabrication company where a job is ongoing for poor school, community motor park or a mechanic workshop, it would be wrong to disqualify the later contractor based on the disparities in substandard and finishing. I would always advice that you find out details about cost and asked questions to justify if the later contractor has the required competences; especially when the contractor is ready to show proofs of poor payments.
  6. Also, when some companies visit for inspection, they focus so much on infrastructures and machines. While there is some sense in this approach, however it is not the best to base all decisions on what is visible on ground as per “effizy.”

I have seen companies fail pre-mobs and the conclusion is made by inspectors that they cannot perform. Such big jobs are therefore awarded to the companies that appear to have more equipment, but after such inspection, as a sublet, the job is still given back to the company that was turned down and tagged incompetent.

When going for inspection, have the right mindset. Focus on the right indicators. Don’t base all your conclusions on a job that is not well funded. Find out the best that such a fabrication company can do and from all of your observations together, take your decisions.

When you come for inspection with Revlyte limited, get ready to move around. Give enough time to go to site where her products are installed and in satisfactory use. Ask for Purchase Orders for jobs done in the past. If you know the quality and safety standards of such multinational companies, then if Revlyte has done well with then, why allow a cheap job that may be on ground at the time of your arrival to form your opinion?

Confirm such purchase orders and feel free to patronize Revlyte limited. Her products are beyond fabrication. Revlyte  portacabins and converted containers are number one in the Niger Delta. Therefore, observe with the right frame of mind and patronize Revlyte ltd.

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